If I found a way to be invisible, I would probably be disappointed. Every situation I think of that would be cool or fun, wouldn’t be too much fun once I think about the consequences. My first thought was to travel the world, but then I would be traveling alone and who would take my picture? Then I thought I could find a way to be rich, I could rob some stores or something, but then I thought about the person who is supposed to be on charge of the store, and then they would be fired or accused for stealing, and it could ruin their lives. There is nothing fun to do really. Maybe I would sneak onto a bunch of roller coasters. I could haunt the president to see if the moon landing was fake. Or I could go to Area 51 to see if aliens are real. I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Image result for white square
There is a picture here but it is invisible. 

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