My favorite “Monster” movie is probably Casper the Friendly Ghost. Particularly the one with Hillary Duff. This has always been my favorite ‘scary movie’ for a few different reasons. The first is Hillary Duff’s red overalls that she wears. I have always wanted a pair since I first saw this movie. The second is that Casper is a nice ghost. He doesn’t haunt anyone, hes just chill with being a ghost, and that is pretty cool. I feel like I am like that too. I am pretty chill with whatever, but I am never chill with danger (which is probably why my favorite monster is Casper the Friendly Ghost). Casper’s uncles haunt people and Casper cleans up the mess, which I don’t really relate to, but I respect.

Related image
Wendy in those fabulous red overalls and Casper, the very sweet ghost.

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