Great Expectations

In most cases, when a book is made into a movie, some details are left out and some new things are added. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is no different. I prefer the movie ending always, not just in this case, but every book that I read and then watch the movie. The movie ending is always happier and feels completed. While some books have an epilogue that lets the reader know that the characters are okay, movies let us see that come to fruition (side note i always feel like a preacher when I say fruition). In the book, Estella is married and she lets Pip know that, but in the movie it is more open ended. I never really liked Estella, but I know that Pip did and I want Pip to be happy, and the movie gives the viewer hope that they get together at some point. I really liked the book ending when Dickens writes about how everything is tied together. I feel like the movie cast people who looked too much like each other, so i couldn’t tell one apart from the other, the book is clearer because you can obviously tell the names from one another.

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