The Vampire Diaries

When I think about vampires, I automatically think of The Vampire Diaries, a tv show on the cw that ended a few years ago. My friend and I watched it together on Netflix. It had two brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, who were extremely handsome, and were vampires, so they stayed young forever. They were like “traditional” vampires because they could not go out in daylight with out a special ring (although I am learning that I do not really know what a true traditional vampire is). The show had werewolves and witches and vampire-werewolf hybrids. Vampires are fascinating to us because they live forever and nothing can really hurt them, except very specific materials. In movies and shows, they are always very pretty people, and only turn into monsters when they have had too much blood. But I think what captivates us most is that they let love trump their desire to feed, their livelihood. Other than what the Vampire Diaries says, I know that they do not like garlic and that they can not be seen in mirrors.

Image result for stefan and damon
Stefan and Damon Salvatore

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