Most of the monster stories that we read challenged gender roles, especially Dracula. In the story, Lucy gets destroyed by Dracula because she becomes tainted by a blood transfusion from 4 different men. Mina also becomes tainted, but is redeemed because she is the “angel of the house” or the “perfect woman”. Johnathan Harker is… Continue reading Gender

New Technology

The Victorians really did love their technology. While they did not have the iPhone and WiFi, they were pioneering the way for things just like that. The Great Exhibition showcased all of the new technology that was being produced all over the , and the Victorians ate it up. We don’t have anything like the… Continue reading New Technology

If I found a way to be invisible, I would probably be disappointed. Every situation I think of that would be cool or fun, wouldn’t be too much fun once I think about the consequences. My first thought was to travel the world, but then I would be traveling alone and who would take my… Continue reading


My favorite “Monster” movie is probably Casper the Friendly Ghost. Particularly the one with Hillary Duff. This has always been my favorite ‘scary movie’ for a few different reasons. The first is Hillary Duff’s red overalls that she wears. I have always wanted a pair since I first saw this movie. The second is that… Continue reading Casper